Open Position for a Simulation Specialist

For our simulation efforts we are looking for a talented physicist with a solid background in radiation physics and experience with Monte Carlo tools.

You will be involved in radiation shielding and medical device sterilization projects. In our projects we are members of worldwide multi-company, cross-functional teams and use online collaborations extensively. Only limited travel is required.

Applications from Master Students in Nuclear or Medical Physics or related fields are welcome. A Master Thesis could be taylored in cooperation with your Thesis advisor.

You will initially focus on shielding calculations and other applications using the Monte Carlo Tool MCNP6. You will also become familiar with several line-of-sight shielding calculation models and will further develop our efficient processes for shielding calculations.

Our proprietary simulation tool will be the starting point for new developments in the field of medical device sterilization, building up on the GEANT4 toolkit. Our mid term goal is to streamline our processes with MCNP and GEANT4, and to optimize our tools.

You must have knowledge and experience in the following areas:

- knowledge of radiation physics
- demonstrated experience in MCNP or equivalent
- English: fluency required
- proficiency in the usual office software applications in MS-Windows environment

Experience and knowledge in the following areas is considered an advantage:

- GEANT4 and programming in C++
- 3D CAD file formats
- linux, phython, matlab knowledge is a plus
- German & other languages

The position is offered in Neubiberg, Germany. Flexible working hours can be agreed; this position can be offered as part time with the goal to transition to full time, or full time. The nature of the position may allow remote working in combination with in-office presence. Junior candidates and Master Students are encouraged to apply.

How to apply
Positions are offered in Neubiberg, Prof-.Messerschmitt-Straße 3. Within 2 walking minutes from the Neubiberg S-Bahn station.

Applications may be submitted in English or German. For further information and to submit applications including a cv, cover letter, and requested salary please contact

Dr. Jörn Meissner
Meissner Consulting GmbH
Prof.-Messerschmitt-St. 3
D-85579 Neubiberg

phone +49 (89) 30 76 52 20
fax      +49 (89) 30 76 52 21

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